BILDUTRUCK is a national and international transport company, specialized in FULL LOAD and DIRECT GROUPAGE. Our company offers multimodal and ADR transport services (explosives and radioactive goods excluded).

BILDUTRUCK has its headquarters in IRUN, MADRID and BARCELONA. We offer freight transport services to every city in SPAIN.

Freight transport to: Madrid, Valencia, A Coruña, Santander, Bilbao, Pamplona, Toledo, Tarragona, Oviedo, Zaragoza, Cordoba, Vigo, Murcia…

Due to its strategic location in the border town city of IRUN, BILDUTRUCK has become a prestigious international transport company. We dispatch to and from the following countries: France, Italy, United Kingdom, Benelux and Germany.

BILDUTRCUK has its own truck fleet. Our trucks are equipped for the transport of dangerous goods (ADR) and have Tautliner-type trailers, with a loading capacity of 95 m³. Besides, we have a storage service to consolidate and handle goods.

Finally, BILDUTRUCK, as a company, is a member of ASTRE group and, hence, we are able to offer international transport services all over Spain. An international transport service adapted to the demands of the flows. Thus, thanks to the aforementioned group, we can carry goods by train or on the road with our trucks.

BILDUTRUCK is an expanding company, improving our services day in, day out and updating and adapting to new technologies, in order to offer the best service possible to our clients.

Ensuring a SPECIALIST transport24/48h


“In recent years, we have seen demand grow exponentially in Madrid. Driven by our customers, we have decided to take a leap in quality and quantity in our warehouse capacity”.

Norberto Ortiz – General Manager