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BILDUTRUCK is a member of the ASTRE group, the leading transport and logistics SME European group since its foundation in 1992. The group has more than 300 offices in 10 European countries including Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom and it is committed to keep expanding internationally. Being part of the group, the different members are able to share their expertise and know-how on freight transport and to ensure economies of scale.

Despite being an international group, ASTRE is structured in national groups such as ASTRE IBERIAN PENINSULA, which includes all its Spanish and Portuguese members, in order to promote and facilitate local projects.

Thanks to all these advantages, BILDUTRUCK can offer significant benefits to it clients both in the national and the international transport. Our 70.000 group clients, from all over Europe, know that very well and can vouch for us.

Being a member of the ASTRE group allows BILDUTRUCK to offer two different services: transport and logistics.

Freight transport can be made by train or on the road.

Industrial transport, container transport, expert advice on administrative procedures, sourcing, quality controls… These are the transport services offered by the group.

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BILDUTRUCK, besides, as a member of ASTRE Transport, guarantees a HQT (High Quality Transport) transport service:

  • Reliability and traceability.
  • Observance of deadlines.
  • Personalised and negotiable rates.
  • Transport engineering to ensure, together, the best planning and organization.

But apart from the transport itself, ASTRE Logistics is able to handle and fit out every type of product, both nationally and internationally, thanks to its company network.

ASTRE Logistique, the HQL (High Quality Logistics) solution, guarantees you:

  • Reliability and traceability.
  • Observing the storage rules for different products (temperature, hygrometry, storing material conditions, etc.).
  • Product safety in handling and in the warehouse.
  • Personalised and negotiable rates.
  • Logistics engineering to ensure, together, the best planning and organization.